Caloocan Fireproof Safe

Caloocan Fireproof Vault
Caloocan Fireproof Vault

Caloocan Fireproof Safe


  • Door pocket, key rack & multi position shelf
  • Rust Proof Galvanized Steel Plate
  • Durable Textured Black Paint Finish
  • Interior: 1 plastic tray
  • Handle: Key turning work as handle
  • Withstands up to one hour fire.
  • Special Fire Resistant Stuffing Material

Caloocan Fireproof Safe is a convenient way to store files.It is designed  to organize your office  documents , and use to keep office supplies too. Choose from different types of cabinets and different colors. We have standard colors and we can also customize. Some file cabinets have a metal plate or wire structure at the back of each drawer.

Selecting the right for your home or business is the key to creating an effective method for organization and storage.Get your paperwork in order with one of our office filing cabinets at great value prices. Lockable and secure, they’re available in different designs. Smooth and Easy to clean, functional and decorative. Best in maximizing a space.

If you want to order with us, we can have the items delivered right to your doorstep.  We have great quality products that are locally made or imported.  We also have lockers, vaults and other types of furniture.  All of our furniture has the highest quality.  Call us anytime if you want to order with us.

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